R4 Jailbreak 3DS - Nintendo R4 3DS Jailbreak Gold Unlock

R4 3DS Jailbreak

Use R4 Jailbreak to unlock Nintendo 3DS and DSi consoles. (R4i for DSi, R4DS for DS / DS Lite and R4 3DS for N3DS)
GBA on 3DSWhen jailboken Nintendo consoles can play Homebrew games and Apps and also NDS ROMs. DS Roms are copied DS game backups that can be downloaded from torrents or directly from the net. R4 is the most popular DS Linker / Copier that Nintendo regularly mentions in it's press releases, but there are also other good alternatives that can do the same job. Some of them like SuperCard DSTWO 3DS even add new features to the DSi and 3DS - DivX Player and built-in GBA, SNES, MAME and PC DOS emulator Apps + more... Others like AceKard 2i and CycloDS iEVO are simply great backup flash cards for playing DS ROMs.

A lot of people have been wondering if the R4 Jailbreak cartridge for NDS, DSi and 3DS is really worth the extra cash and yet lack some important features required in a Slot 1-based multi-media and backup kit for the Nintendo DS / 3DS.  Some of the features make it a great and essential copier tool when playing games with the DS roms and users and professionals have done reviews to see how convenient and useful it really is.  

R4 3DS

Some of the notable features of the R4 Jailbreak include the Slot 1 (NDS) solution, a 512MB internal flash memory or up to 32GB micro SDHC card drive, upgradable firmware, built-in multi-colored LEDs and even a USB 2.0 interface, which is around 480 MB p/s.  Other than this, the R4 Jailbreak lacks storage space as compared to other similar devices and seems to be prone to breakage and external damage because of how light and fragile it is.  The weird thing about the R4 Jailbreak is that the package doesn’t come with an instruction manual, software, or any form of documentation.  The best alternative would be to visit the company website and read through on how to install it properly. 

R4i Gold 3DSDespite its little flaws, the R4 Jailbreak is tested and is very compatible with no signs of slowdowns or interruptions at all.  Though the screen flickers each time it saves the game, it doesn't affect the game in any way and only lasts for a few seconds.  It also has built-in music and skinning capability, but you won’t be able to put all the music and games you want because of lack of storage.

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